ServiceRegular Dental Checkups

A dental checkup provides us with the opportunity to examine your oral health and monitor any changes that have occurred since your last visit. There are a variety of things a regular dental checkup could include, all of which are critical pieces components to your oral health.

A standard dental checkup includes a full examination to provide a basic overview of your current dental health, detect any cavities, tooth decay, or signs of gum disease, also called periodontal disease. A professional-cleaning is usually performed that eliminates any plaque, bacteria, and other buildups on your teeth and gums. Following the cleaning, the teeth are polished and cleaned to address any surface stains and provide a sense of freshness. Once these efforts conclude a thorough oral cancer check is performed to ensure any signs of diseases on the face, tongue, throat, gums, or other oral tissues are caught. 

Usually, annually, a digital X-ray will be taken to obtain a detailed view of your oral structure and detect dental conditions that may be hidden beneath the surface such as tooth decay, periodontitis, jawbone deterioration, cysts, and oral cancer.

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When you visit our office for preventive dental care or another dental service, you'll find it to be an entirely different experience from other dental offices. We won't simply perform the dental procedure and say goodbye, we'll educate you on best practices, preventative measures, and post-visit steps to take to ensure you maintain optimal dental health.

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